Just a few days ago Xbills Walkergh of Ghevent.net breaks to you the sudden demise of the late DCE of Bia East district, Hon. Richard Chebureh.

We took the news to our official social media sites and Xbills Walkergh Facebook account to announce the death of the Bia East DCE , whereby champion Emaber wan, one of the fastest growing blogger from western north region  of which he wrote

“Oh what happened? Why not
 Augustine Tawiah”😂

The bad statement, made Hon. Augustine Tawiah reply the young blogger ,as he wrote:

“Thanks greatly for wishing I was the one to have died. may you live long to see effect of my efforts in Bia west. And may all known you as well.”

23rd , March 2020 was a fresh day to keep work going, whereby Champion Ember Wan slept over his comment yesterday and saw that is was wrong for him to say such comment, Ember send his apology to hon. Augustine Tawiah over his heartless comment and we call for total forgiveness from him. This is what Ember wrote.

“I deeply regret and sorry for my comment about hon.Dr. Augustine tawiah, Mp for Bia west.

Dady I’m on my knees, asking for forgiveness, it was foolish and unacceptable act on my side.

To those who thought I made that silly comment because on my political affiliate is never so, you can testify that from who truly known me.

I hereby retracting that nonsense comment, I’ve tried looking for a medium to apologize to Dyou,, am sorry.

See his post below;

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Source: Ghevent.net


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