Sound Engineer, Kaywa has disclosed that claims by Yaw Berk that he left Kaywa’s studio because of bedbugs is untrue.

According to him, Yaw Berk who has no love for bathing and is dirty as as result, brought the bedbugs to his studio and that affected his work massively.

He mentioned this when he spoke on Accra-based Rainbow Radio monitored by

As a result of Yaw Berk’s hatred for bathing he stressed, most clients he worked with were forced to leave his studio because the former smells so bad.

“My studio was full of bedbugs and smelly because Yaw Berk did not keep the place neat. He was unkempt and dirty. He drove my clients out of my studio because of his awful smell.”

He said he initially did not like the idea of him sleeping in the studio but thought sleeping there was going to help him produce great songs.

Kaywa mentioned that Yaw Berk is just desperate for fame and the tangent at which he’s going won’t be beneficial to him.


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