‘Gap teeth’ as most people call is that space in between some individual teeths.

This hole/space which are primarily caused by imbalance in the relationship between the jaw and the size of teeth is found in set of teeth of many Nigerians both males/females and this tends to make some of them handsome/beautiful respectively and many of them Cherish it a lot.

We always run to make use of the word ‘gap teeth’ whenever we see someone with a space in between their tooth.

We are really not meant to be blamed because we  tend to make everything easy for ourselves to get familiar with it and in such way we tend to use casual language to describe the things we see and relate with it in the simplest form/way we can.

Do not be shock to hear this, it does not exist at all in English Language less having a meaning.

The question probably on the mind of anyone reading this will be ‘Then what’s the name ?’

That’s what we are about to find out after reading this educational article.


The Correct name for describing this hole/space or the correct word to be used in English is known as “Diastema”

What is Diastema ?

Diastema (plural diastemata) refers to a gap or space between the teeth. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but are sometimes noticeable between the two upper front teeth. This condition affects both adults and children. In children, gaps may disappear once their permanent teeth grow in.


Diastemata are primarily caused by imbalance in the relationship between the jaw and the size of teeth. If the labial frenulum (lip tissue) pulls, it can also push the teeth apart and cause a diastema between the center of the two front teeth.

Some gaps are small and barely noticeable, whereas other gaps are larger and a cosmetic issue for some people.

So If you are still calling that space in between some peoples teeth gap teeth then you are slightly embarrassing yourself.

The correct name and the only name for gap teeth is diastema.

Thank you.

I hope we have learnt new thing.

I hope this was useful.

If so, please endeavour to share this post for it to get to many people to educate them so they can stop making the mistake and start using the right word.


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